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Birthday Cake

Posted by jenskitchen on June 12, 2009

Don't bother counting candles - I didn't have enough.

Don't bother counting candles - I didn't have enough.

For my birthday I made Red Velvet Cake. This was a definite adventure as I’d never made Velvet cake before – and making it gluten free made it even more interesting. The older sous chef said it was “amazing”.

Very pretty red!

Very pretty red!

This was my second experiment with using the Better Batter gluten-free four mix in an otherwise gluten-filled recipe. So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with the Better Batter flour mix. (I’ll be posting about the first experiment on Sunday, June 14th – I know, it seems a bit backward as my birthday is on Sunday and I’m posting the second experiment first, but… there’s a reason for this, so stay tuned…)

[06/15 Edit]: I took the rest of the cake to work to get the opinion of gluten-eaters. The cake was down to the last piece before I mentioned that there was no wheat in the cake. (I didn’t want a cake that was good for being gluten-free – I wanted a good cake.) The overwhelming response is that this was a good cake.


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